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  The Application of FORTA 155E and FORTE 155E  

Taiwan, March 28, 2007: ZyFLEX has introduced the new generation of Fiber Optic Multiplexer (FOM) in Q1/2007 to provide both the legacy and broadband services in a cost effective way. The FORTA 155E and FORTE 155E is using the SDH STM-1 rate to transport the legacy E1/T1 services and Ethernet services from the Central office to the remote site where the legacy services or base-station for 2G/2.5G/3G or upcoming 4G are required.

Using SDH technologies, the 1+1 protection scheme offers less than 50ms switching time on the fiber-cut event. Also utilizing Ethernet Over SDH technology, FORTA 155E and FORTE 155E can provide the 100Mbps wireline speed of Ethernet that can be connected to the remote IPDSLAM for xDSL application. Besides, the legacy E1/T1 services can be provided on the same fiber without using extra facility. This will cover the future needs for broadband and still leave the legacy service un-affected.

Please check ZyFLEX website http://www.zyflex.com.tw/fom_155e.htm for the latest information of our Fiber Optical Multiplexers, and email to sales@zyflex.com.tw if you have any inquiry or need further detailed information about these products.

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